I need my ships in one place so,

Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek, Isaac/Erica, Jackson/Lydia
The Vampire Diaries: Klaus/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, Rebekah/Matt,
90210: Silver/Liam, Naomi/Max, Ivy/Diego, Annie/Caleb
Shameless US: Fiona/Steve, Mandy/Lip, Ian/Mickey
True Blood: Jessica/Jason, Eric/Sookie
Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby
Gossip Girl: Blair/Chuck
Awkward: Jenna/Matty
Pretty Little liars: Spencer/Toby, Hanna/Wren, Aria/Jason
One Tree Hill: Brucas forever but i’ve grown to love Julian/Brooke too, Haley/Nathan, Quinn/Clay
Revenge: Emily/Nolan
American Horror Story: Tate/Violet, Kit/Grace
Rookie Blue: Andy/Sam, Peck/Epstein

**Continuously going to be updating, I’m probably missing a shitload of shows but these give me the most feels