i forgot to tell you guys yesterday at work when we discussed the euro final and i was in the middle of my long speech about how beautiful that game was and then i was stopped by a disgusting combination of words that went “That game was obviously payed off”

and my long speech about how beautiful the game was turned into a massive amounts of fuck off’s and you’re just in stage 2 of the denial process because your team got defeated - fair and square- and you’re too much of a sore loser to admit it

The man who is a living legend in this country. He has won it all. He has defended these colors to the death. He is not only an example as a football player but as a person. I have been blessed to have spent seven years with him and the only thing I can say is that I keep learning from you Iker. I love you and you deserve this. Number one … IKER CASILLAS.
― Pepe Reina 

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Can Pepe Reina host my parties

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